Fishing Report (5/15 – 5/21)

On 5/16, I got the pleasure to take Brittany and Keith out out fishing off Palm Beach. They had fun catching bonito, kingfish, and mahi. Can’t wait until next time guys!

Fishing Report (5/29 – 6/4)

On 5/29, I had the pleasure of taking this nice family out for a day of fun. We had sharks, bonitos, and kings.They enjoyed their day.

Fishing Report (4/24 – 5/7)

On April 24th, I got to take out a wonderful couple, Paul and Michelle. They landed nice Mahi and Kingfish. I can’t wait to take them out again!

Fishing Report (4/8-4/15)

On April 19th, I had the pleasure of taking out my repeat buddy, Dennis and his friend. There was lots of action on the water this day right off Palm Beach. We caught some sails, tuna, mahi and kingfish.

Fishing Report (4/8-4/15)

Although the wind conditions this past week made for a challenge during fishing, we still had 2 successful charters.

Fishing Report (6/5 – 6/11)

Even with the storms during the weekend…we managed a nice Mutton, Mahi, and some kings. It was a slow weekend but these two charters still caught!!

Fishing Report (6/12-6/18)

After the 14th’s AM Charter, I got to take out my son and wife. We went off the Breakers and the bite wouldn’t stop.

On the 15th. I got to take out this amazing family from Saint John’s Florida. They celebrated their son’s birthday and caught several fish. We went right outside Palm Beach Inlet.

Fishing Report (6/26 – 7/2)

Even though fishing has been a little tougher than normal because of the south tide and lack of wind, my charters this week still landed fish and were pleased with the action. We fished various locations including outside of Jupiter and Palm Beach. Conditions should be improving and that means the fish will be biting. Come fish with me!

Fishing Report (6/19 – 6/25)

Joe and his wife came fishing with me on the 23rd. They had several bites, landed decent kings and bonitos. We fished outside of Jupiter.

Nailet took her father out on the 24th for a late Father’s Day fishing trip. As you can see, the day was a successful one. We went outside of the Breaker’s.

I then had an afternoon charter, and the action didn’t slow down.

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